At FarCry we delight in the many activities you can enjoy right in our premises.

FarCry Nature

Preserving the natural habitat surrounding Farcry is at the very core of our concept. The significant bio diversity, visible in the wide range of animal, bird and plant-life remains undisturbed in our keen efforts to conserve what we believe is their territory.

With its close proximity to Wasgamuwa National Park, the lodge sees frequent visits by over 90 species of birdlife over the different seasons. Understand the intricacies of how delicate species co-inhabit here as our onsite naturalist takes you for an early morning expedition along winding nature trails through the property.

FarCry Farm

The fertile land on which our lodge is built, the bordering waters of the great Mahaweli River and deep engagement with the local farming community these are the fortunes that ensure the fruit and vegetable we cultivate are of supreme quality.

Share in firsthand experience of rural farm life as you join our farmers going about their harvest. Personally pick the vegetables you wish to relish over your next meal and our chefs will gladly cater to your preference.
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